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Tenant Referencing is a requirement of our Legal Expenses & Rent Guarantee policies. Using Rentguard's Tenant Referencing services will help you to ensure that you have met the requirements of your policy.

All types of lets have to be FULLY referenced either by Rentguard or a Referencing company approved by Rentguard - these include DSS/housing benefit tenants, students, self-employed applicants etc.

However, for Full-Time Employed Working Tenant(s) a 4 point check** will suffice. Please note that the details have to be valid from the START of the tenancy agreement.

The RENTGUARD 4 Point Check is:

  1. Identification from the tenant, containing a clear photograph
  2. Either a Utility Bill or a Bank Statement
  3. Credit check; clear of CCJs, bankruptcies & indicating confirmation of residency
  4. Confirmation of employment - a written employers' reference on company letter headed paper confirming the Tenant's permanent and current employment and that their salary is at least a multiple of 2.5 of the Tenant's rent.

** Please note that if the 4 point check is applied and is in place, there will be no need to do a Full Tenant Reference - though in the event of a claim, the responsibility lies with the insured to produce the appropriate documents. A 4 point check is only applicable if the Tenant(s) have not yet moved into the property before the first continuous policy is incepted.

For further information or advice about Tenant Referencing, please contact the Referencing Team on 0333 000 0162.

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